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Shepherds Fold Counseling Ministry

Shepherds Fold is a Biblically - based counseling ministry whose  goal is to assist clients in getting the help they need. We work with marriages, parenting, depression, anxiety, and emotional issues. We believe that God, through the Bible, gives us the tools to make a positive change.

About us

 Shepherds Fold has been offering help to  people since 2005,  "The  focus of Shepherds Fold is to offer true Biblical counseling,"

The counseling you will recieve has its foundation in God's Word, the Bible.  We believe that God is the real authority in counseling, and that He gives us the needed resource for positive change. We believe that many problems stem from living apart from the instructions we find in God's Word. We believe that  the only real source of help is found in a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.


Client Testimony

"I want to thank you for helping us with our marriage, God is good."


"I am thankful that God pointed me to Shepherds Fold, and they pointed me back to God's word."


"Thanks for your help, you helped save my marriage..."